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Tempranales – a Residential Building in Alcobendas

César Frías, Morph Studios
Alcobendas, Madrid province, Spain
Alvaro Viera

The Tempranales is an ambitious residential housing project in the Isla de la Toja urbanization, in Alcobendas, Madrid province. With 56 high-quality apartments and modern, playful recreational areas it is a response to the challenges presented by urbanization. The result is a project of energy efficient buildings with large and open outdoor spaces. The rectangular building units, with Lunawood Thermowood battens decorating the facades, create an attractive, organic entity with living spaces, outdoor routes, and the differentiated areas.

A Game of Full and Empty

The aim of the project was to avoid the typical pitfall when designing voluminous housing entities, where the outlook becomes clogged by the large facade surfaces. The architect of the project, César Frías from Morph Studios, describes that they wanted to give special attention to details that would allow them to generate an illusion of fragmentation. This was done by playing a game with full and empty blocks and spaces, and with using two predominant facade materials: precast concrete and Lunawood Thermowood. This way, they were able to reduce the scale and hardness of the project and bring warmth and comfort.


Lunawood Thermowood in the Facades and Outdoor Spaces

The appealing shared area between the three buildings is designed to offer the residents amenity and versatile facilities and this is topped off with facades that bring softness and balance to the entity. The buildings´ geometrical shapes are faded with battens that repeat and create a rhythm. Lunawood  Thermowood battens together with white battens are layed both horizontally and vertically, and Lunawood Thermowood is used also in the ground floor claddings, terrace pergolas and solar shades. In the modern city area with a lot of white concrete buildings, the warm signature color of Thermowood gives these buildings a distinctive and delicate outlook.

Lunawood Thermowood battens help fragmenting the large facade surfaces.

Harmonious Entity

The overall result of the residential buildings is unique and harmonious, and the quality of the spaces is based on the nobility of the materials used. The residents can enjoy the buildings´ own DNA, and the permanence of timeless design standards will surely make the building current throughout its life cycle.

The project resulted as modern, energy efficient buildings with large and open outdoor spaces.

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