The Groot FM studio

Anthorp Architects
Pretoria, South Africa

The Groot FM studio in the heart of the vibey Old East of Pretoria, is an implementation designed by Anthorp Architects. The brief called for a “boomhuis” (Tree house) where the Groot FM radio station could set up a permanent satellite broadcast studio. In addition, provision had to be made for a small patio where impromptu shows could be held, or guests could be featured with a visual link to the village and onlookers. The Studio had to fit in amongst an existing walnut tree on stilts so as not to lose the vehicular parking directly below.

In order to achieve this, the container studio was strategically positioned to have a vantage point and visual link with the village in general and more directly with the vibey 16th street. The design utilized a 6m high cube container to house a small guest reception area and studio for two presenters and an additional guest.

The predominantly steel structure with spiral staircase as well as sliding solar screens on the balcony were clad with vertical Lunawood battens that will eventually age to a silver grey blending in with the walnut bark. Lunawood’s battens softens the impression and gives a natural look to the studio.

Engineer:  DG Consulting Engineers

Contractor: Big Box Containers & NJW Engineering Services c.c.

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