Lunawood Thermowood - a sustainable and technically pre-eminent option for Siberian Larch - Lunawood

Lunawood Thermowood – a sustainable and technically pre-eminent option for Siberian Larch

Lunawood Thermowood® is known for its extreme dimensional stability in all climates, but many do not know that it is equivalent to Siberian larch in appearance and more advanced in technical properties.

The thermal modification process with heat and steam, enhances the properties of the Nordic spruce and pine, without chemicals or toxins. As a result, Lunawood Thermowood is a durable and long-lasting material for decorative surfaces. The natural graying of Lunawood, combined with easy maintenance and long life cycle of the products, increase the wood’s attractiveness for projects where a low carbon footprint plays a key role. All these properties make Lunawood a thoroughly sustainable material and technically pre-eminent alternative for Siberian Larch, which grows in Russia. The technical advantage of Lunawood Thermowood compared to Siberian larch is its higher dimensional stability and durability class* (*Siberian larch 3=moderately durable, Thermowood 2=durable).

The colour of Lunawood Thermowood (Nordic spruce) is slightly darker than Siberian larch when new. When naturally grayed out, the shade of the wood materials is the same. Due to better dimensional stability of Thermowood, it will not warp over the years (Left side: Siberian Larch, right side: Lunawood's thermally modified spruce cladding, Luna Layer) (Côté gauche : mélèze de Sibérie, côté droit : revêtement en épicéa thermiquement modifié de Lunawood, Luna Layer)

The new spruce panels – Luna Layer and Luna Vivo

The beautiful and natural appearance of the Lunawood products is characterized by round knots and golden brown color – available also with a brushed surface for the most authentic and rustic look. The newest entrants to the Lunawood Collection are the extra-wide spruce panels Luna Layer and Luna Vivo.

The special feature of the new Luna Layer is the combination of a brushed surface with a sharp-edged profile, available in two widths. The brushed surface adds more texture to the surface of the board and highlights the natural structure of Thermowood.

Luna Vivo and Luna Vivo Groove are wide planed panels with slightly slanted edges. The sophisticated shape of the edges creates a flat wall -look when installed vertically. The Luna Vivo Groove panel, on the other hand, has a fake groove on the surface.

A combination of two different panel widths with Luna Layer
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