SJC Football Club sports complex

Grosfeld Bekkers van der Velde Architects
Noordwijk, the Netherlands
Isabel Nabuurs

The new club building of the SJC football club is not just focused on sustainability, but also multifunctionality. As the building is not only used by the football club, different usages needed to be available to the various young athletes.

With the importance of sustainable renovation for the football club, Lunawood Thermowood was an obvious choice as facade and interior cladding material.

Wooden elements give the space a warm but modern atmosphere

Black Lunawood and glass – a sleek combination

The clubhouse has an unobstructed view of all the fields, which is why big windows used for the building. This gives a great amount of natural light inside the building and also makes the clubhouse appear very modern in combination with the black sprayed Lunawood Thermowood panels.

The use of glass and wood has created a light and spacious pavilion with a striking roof. Sustainable Lunawood Thermowood was a fitting material choice for the spray painted facade and inside panels, as it is completely resin free due to the high temperature during the thermal modifaction process. Our Lunawood Thermowood is also completely chemical free, as the patented thermal modification process only uses heat and steam.

Learn more about the surace treatment options of Lunawood Thermowood.

Black and grey represent the football clubs colors

The black sprayed Lunawood Thermowood panels were used on the inside and the outside, as Thermowood is suitable in all climates and weather conditions because of its durability and dimensional stability. To represent the club colors of the SJC football club, the black Lunawood panels were combined with grey concrete floors and accents.

The Lunawood products were distributed by Gras Wood Wide.

The black sprayed panels give the building a sleek look

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