The Golf Village - Lunawood

The Golf Village

Studio Mariana Crego
Riviera de São Lourenço, Brazil
Mariana Crego

Located on Riviera de São Lourenço, Litoral of São Paulo, and created by Studio Mariana Crego with the concept of harmony between human life and nature. The Golf Village was designed to reduce environmental impacts and give people a better quality of life.


The ceilings of the apartments are finished with thermally modified Luna Triple panels. The same profile continues seamlessly to the outdoor terrace, creating a modern batten look

The new rules for choosing building materials

To achieve the AQUA-HQE Certification, the project had to meet 200 requirements divided in 14 different categories. A process with strict requirements to ensure commitment to nature, including energy management, water saving and reuse system, use of ecological materials, bioclimatic architecture, among others. And it was precisely because of this high level of demand that the architect Ms. Mariana Crego chose the AQUA-HQE international certification to guide the construction of The Golf Village. Due to high sustainability goals for the building materials, The Golf Village is featured with Lunawood Thermowood in the form of pergolas, ceilings, and decks.

“For national architecture, I believe that the project shows that it is possible to project beauty and functionality together with sustainability – as they often think they are separate things. I think it is also a call to the market in terms of demanding better-quality products, provenance, etc., as we felt that most of the suppliers we sought did not understand and did not have the required documents. Our attitude ended up making it clear that low quality products and zero environmental control are no longer welcome. For customers: normally the market changes either because of customer demand or because a company decided to establish new rules. In our case, we decided to establish new rules so that people pay attention to what they are buying and understand that when they buy any product, they buy and agree with the company’s history and everything that is there, whether good or bad” says Mariana Crego.

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