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Kieloranta, Finland

Kieloranta is a modern, stylish conference and festive venue lakeside just 110 km from Helsinki to North. Kieloranta is filled with luxurious details and unique design. The venue combines high-class wood architecture with harmonious nature and modern technology. Kieloranta is featured with Lunawood Thermowood decking. The product used is Luna...

Location Hämeenlinna, Finland
Year 2017

Fonte House in Portugal

This beautiful modern villa used to be an old beach house in Gafanha da Encarnação, Portugal. Today the old one has been demolished and now there is a perfect example of architectural professionality in the same place. Due to the small size of the plot, the house needed to match...

Architect Lousinha Arquitectos
Location Gafanha da Encarnação, Portugal
Year 2016
Photos Ivo Tavares Studio

Film House PASAKA, Vilnius

Modern architecture into Old Town of Vilnius, Lithuania. This Kino Pasaka is built in the public and business quarter of Paypus. A beautiful 430m² two-storey cinema gives a modern touch for the Old Town while holding over 200 spectators. It will also be possible to hold conferences in the building....

Architect Audrius Ambrasas Architects
Location Vilnius, Lithuania
Year 2019
Photos Joana Suslavičiūtė


This modern house complex in Waterrijk Meerhoven, Netherlands, has a beautiful harmony between the design and materials. A triangular plot includes four different size of houses, two terraced houses on the long side and two detached houses on the short sides of the plot. Dimensionally stable and non-toxic Lunawood Thermowood...

Architect Studio M10 Architecture
Location Waterrijk Meerhoven, Netherlands
Year 2019
Photos Ruud Smits from Gras Wood Wide

Light Cute Treehouse by Sullalbero SRL

Tree house with a modern design: full glass front wall which continues on the ceiling. Stop-sun glass, modern inside design. Outside Lunawood Thermowood Nordic Pine ventilated cladding and also Thermowood  sun screen battens with a natural surface. On outside wall is used sustainable Lunawood Thermowood along with sheep wool for...

Architect Sullalbero SRL
Location Italy
Year 2019
Photos Sullalbero SRL

Serengeti Estate

Serengeti Estates is all about living life to the fullest and offers the very best in leisure and lifestyle. Two world-class golf courses promise uninterrupted golfing pleasure, while unrivalled in its offering, every restaurant exceeds international standards, offering residents and their guests a truly world class dining experience within the...

Architect Anthrop Architects
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Year 2019
Photos Anthrop Architects

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