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Private residence in India

A fascinating edifice with elements inspired from and in perfect harmony with nature. Lunawood Thermowood battens are authentic pieces of Nordic forest and the result of years dedication to sustainability. Lunawood Thermowood is unmatched building material: aesthetic, functional and versatile.

Architect Urban Zen / Rohit Suraj
Location Hyderabad, India
Year 2019
Photos Urban Zen

Mansion at Legend Chimes

The Mansion at Legend Chimes the Courtyard formed the main entrance of the house, and the screen was to give privacy at the porch level. The mansion hosts a lot of eminent guest which meant both the elements needed to have style and flamboyance. We used sleek Luna wood rafters....

Architect The Pine Wood Studio/Meghna Dulani
Location Hyderabad, India
Year 2019

TreeHouse Extreme by Sullalbero SRL

Extreme Style Tree House by Sullalbero SRL. The pillar column, inside which there are the stairs, is the structural elements that bears the whole Tree House with a steel cables system. This is a modern and important engineering project: a tree house on 2 floors all made of timber. Its...

Architect Sullalbero SRL
Location Italy
Year 2019
Photos Sullalbero SRL

Floating sauna in Oslo

The contrast between old and new! This modern sauna village in Oslo Harbour is located between the Opera and Monica Bonvicini Das Eismeer. Lunawood Thermowood horizontal cladding provided by our official partner Fritzøe Engros ASF gives a beautiful touch for this contemporary sauna building which is provided by Sorenga Badstuflate...

Location Oslo, Norway
Year 2020
Photos Becky Zeller

Saunaravintola Kuuma, Tampere

Located in the heart of the city of Tampere, in Finland, this eye-catching combined sauna-restaurant building offers a social, relaxing and cozy “living room for all” with Nordic style. The design principles were to stay clean Nordic architecture with sustainability. The sculptural shape of the building is accentuated by its...

Architect Architect SAFA Janne Kantee, Honkatalot
Location Tampere, Finland
Year 2018
Photos Lunawood

Solar shading in Bloemfontein, South Africa

Bloemfontein is one of the most challenging regions in terms of climate. It is really hot and dry there. The architects of this private house, told us that, in their experience, no wood material other than Lunawood Thermowood can withstand the conditions. Job was done by: Legend Woodworks /Johan Kersop.

Location Bloemfontein, South-Africa
Year 2019
Photos Lunawood

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