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Cafe Pergola in South Africa

The concept behind the new outdoor space at Rosemary Hill was to create a mirror of the Eucalyptus forest to the north, through the use of staggered, round columns, diffused light, and the texture of wood. Lunawood was a perfect choice for this due to its light weight, durability, and...

Architect Nico Van Loggerenberg
Location Pretoria, South Africa
Year 2019

Villa Malena in Spain

Utopia Villas states that their villas are unique, but some villas are more unique than others. Such beauty can be hard to find. Nestled in the hill of Mas Alba in Sitges in Barcelona area, Villa Malena represents the ultimate in space, design and finishes. This rental villa is designed...

Architect 314BCN in collaboration with Javi Garcia
Location Sitges, Spain
Year 2019

Lynnwood Lane Retail Centre, South Africa

Lynnwood Lane is a retail centre situated on a narrow site adjacent to Lynnwood Rd, one of the main arteries in Pretoria. Lynwood Lane was conceived when the developer Lynx bought the site adjacent to Burger King and the Grove. They approached Living Planet Architects, a practice that promotes sustainability...

Architect Living Planet Architects
Location Pretoria, South Africa
Year 2019

Northern Venice Commercial Harbour, Italy

This building in Northern Venice Commercial Harbour was built in 2009. The owner wanted to have a terrace space on the roof of the harbor building even if weather conditions may be demanding on the coast of Mediterranean Sea. Lunawood Thermowood was selected to the decorative surfaces of the terrace...

Location Venice, Italy
Year 2009
Photos Lunawood

Sassen Residence, South Africa

Private House in Cape Town, Hout Bay "We wanted our house to sit well with the surrounding architecture and landscape. The architect designed the house to look like a very modern barn that sort of floats in the landscape. We knew we wanted the house to blend in with the...

Architect SALT architect
Location Cape Town, South Africa
Year 2019
Photos JD Van Der Walt

Private villa in Giruliai, Lithuania

The family villa, located in Giruliai, Lithuania, is built near to the Baltic Sea beach where water, sand and conifers form a beautiful complex. Carefully selected materials connect the building naturally to the Baltic Sea coast. Lunawood Thermowood is dimensionally stable, resistant to decay and resin free. It can be...

Architect DO Arcihtects
Location Giruliai, Lithuania
Year 2018
Photos Laimonas Ciūnys, DO ARCHITECTS

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